Cantine Dragani

Has been present in the wine sector tor two centuries: it was 1812 when, with a document signed by Caldari’s Mayor, Emanuele Dragani was authorized to sei/ its praducts in the territory of the same municipality Today this company is one of the largest wine praducers in Abruzzo region.
The praduction boasts a wide variety of DOC, IGT wines and table wines. The grapes with which al/ the wines of Cantine Dragani are praduced are careful/y selected according to the different areas of origin and typical characteristics of the wine varietal. The company follows the complete pracess, tram cu/tivation to bottling, using an efficient distribution network operating in ltaly and abraad, focusing on native grape varieties but not only to satisfy the demands of italian and international customers.
The strength of the company is the excel/ent value tor money of the praducts, that’s possible thanks to the experience gained aver the years and the continuous investment in new technologies.
The bottling fine of the Dragani winery allows to bottle sparkling or stil/ wines, ensuring tram the filling up stage to the capping one the complete absence of oxygen by avoiding unwanted micra oxidations to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the future wine; the praduction facility allows to pack about 7000 bottles per hour which combined with its complete automation makes it one of the most advanced plant of the wine sector.